A place that aims to tackle the stigma and raise more awareness about the real side of ADHD. This project will take place mainly through , Instagram & Twitter with the nature being on drawing attention to a topic that is rarely talked about or addressed in the world that we live in.
Me, Myself and ADHD
At the age of seven I was diagnosed with ADHD and have grown up learning to adapt to each single thing my brain throws at me, there have been countless good and bad days, however one thing that has been apparent is the stigma I have faced over the years. The biggest two being “ADHD is bad behaviour” or “ADHD is an excuse to act stupid or say things”, there is many more, but these are the ones that stood out because in reality it much deeper than that, there is three types of ADHD: Inattentive, Hyperactive or Combination. I got diagnosed with the latter, and it is a mixture of being really excited (more than you can imagine) about things, these are random impulses such as thinking about something that has no link with what I’m currently doing (think the “Squirrel” scenario from UP) and getting distracted easily while being really bad at organising anything.
I wanted to show that when people with ADHD put their mind to it, they are more than capable to do anything they want in life, even if they are told no from the start. In summary ADHD is just a fun way of thinking differently and with a few more precautions it is fairly easy to manage.
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